Formed in 2016, Metatomic, Inc. is a South Carolina corporation established to address the large and increasing inventory of commercial light-water nuclear reactor spent nuclear fuel in the United States. Metatomic’s fuel conversion technology is a dry, non-aqueous process that effectively closes the nuclear fuel cycle by converting spent light water reactor nuclear fuel to a new fuel for use in the next generation of reactors, namely, molten salt reactors.

The Metatomic® process maintains all of the spent nuclear fuel constituents together throughout the conversion to molten salt reactor fuel. Unlike PUREX and pyroprocessing, the Metatomic® process requires no waste streams or separation of fissile materials, making Metatomic’s MSR fuel intrinsically proliferation-resistant.

Metatomic® conversion technology is patented (U.S. Pat. Nos. 10,685,753 and 11,062,813), and is patent-pending in the United States, Europe, and under the international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). Using the spent nuclear fuel currently stored in casks at light water reactor sites, the Metatomic® spent fuel-to-molten salt fuel conversion provides a dry, non-aqueous process that reduces uranium oxide to uranium, and then to uranium halide salt. All constituents in the spent nuclear fuel are maintained through the Metatomic® process without generating waste streams (thereby reducing proliferation concerns), and any byproducts of the Metatomic process will be recycled.


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