Metatomic® was established to address the large and constantly increasing inventory of commercial light-water power reactor spent nuclear fuel in the United States. The original intent of the nuclear power industry was to build nuclear power plants, use nuclear fuel, and then process the spent fuel. This plan was meant to address the use and final closure of spent nuclear fuel – the process known as “Closing the Nuclear Fuel Cycle.” However, spent nuclear fuel is not being processed in the United States, but instead continues to accumulate and be stored at nuclear power plants for the foreseeable future.

The Metatomic® facility and processes are designed to “Close the Nuclear Fuel Cycle” in a new and useful way, by processing the spent fuel into fuel for use in the new advanced molten salt reactor projects, to both generate electricity and largely annihilate the highly-radioactive content of spent nuclear fuel. The processes are designed to accept spent nuclear fuel currently stored in dry casks at nuclear plant locations and convert the spent fuel to fuel salt for use in molten salt reactor power plants.

Fueling a new world

Metatomic® was established to be the premier company in Dry Spent Nuclear Fuel Processing, by providing fuel salt for both thermal and fast molten salt reactors, which will produce carbon free electricity in the United States, and the world, emphasizing SAFETY in all operations at all times. Though it is called “spent fuel” because it can no longer be used in a light water reactors (pressurized water reactors, or boiling water reactors), spent fuel is not really “spent” but does in fact have a lower quantity of uranium and plutonium than the virgin fuel. This fact means spent fuel can be used in another way, specifically, to produce fuel for molten salt reactors.


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