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Nuclear Power Turns to Salt – Forbes 2015

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  "Nuclear Power Turns to Salt ", by James Conca  Contributor Jan 7 2015           Advantages of the ISMR: 1. produces electricity cheaper than using coal, ( an objective is to produce energy cheaper than using natural gas ) 2. creates much less waste and few long -lived radioactive elements. 3. [...]

Great Article from Forbes in 2016

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  One of the potential customers for uranium tetrafluoride to be produced by Metatomic INC'S facilities is Terrestrial Energy, whose home office is in Canada.    In a Forbes article of Sep 14, 2016 , "Terrestrial Energy's Advanced Nuclear Technology- The IMSR- Takes Several Steps Forward "  is described the reactor design and the power [...]

5 Fast Facts About Nuclear Energy

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Interesting article that does a good job of explaining the basics of nuclear energy's place in the world today. Read the Article on CONTENT: Watch and learn some quick facts about nuclear energy. Nuclear energy has been quietly powering America with clean, carbon-free electricity for the last 60 years. It may not be [...]

Carbon dioxide in Earth’s atmosphere reaches record high, researchers say – THE PROBLEM

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Time to exercise the nuclear option! Carbon dioxide in Earth's atmosphere reaches record high, researchers say Carbon dioxide traps heat from the sun and can linger in the atmosphere for centuries.

“An Open Letter to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” – THE SOLUTION

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“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is advocating a switch to 100-percent renewable energy. Here are some back of the matchbook calculation on the plan for her consideration:” Information from the article:    To use windmills to replace all of the oil and gas energy produced and used in the US for gasoline, industrial processes, home heating, it would take  [...]

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