“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is advocating a switch to 100-percent renewable energy. Here are some back of the matchbook calculation on the plan for her consideration:”

Information from the article:  

 To use windmills to replace all of the oil and gas energy produced and used in the US for gasoline, industrial processes, home heating, it would take  2,800,000 windmills . Each takes 92 acres of space to operate efficiently, cost $2 million each, is 25 stories high, generates 2Mw of power max. They are a danger to birds, and the noise of operation is aggravating to many people. 

So, the total cost of the conversion just for the windmills is about $7.7 Trillion and would cover almost 200 million acres.   Millions of expensive batteries will be needed to store electricity for when there is no wind. There are limited areas of the US where the wind is sufficient, and there must be no barriers to the wind such as buildings, trees, etc. which means completely clearing huge areas of land. 

Solar takes less space, but only works when there is sufficient sunlight and the land it occupies cannot be used for anything else on a large scale.


The Position of METATOMICS: 

 Nuclear energy is the most concentrated form of energy on earth, while wind and sun are THE MOST DISPERSED AND DIFFICULT, EXPENSIVE,  TO COLLECT. Safe, carbon free electricity generated from molten salt reactors is the best way to meet our energy needs at the least cost in land area, electrical transmission distances, and long term cost.     In addition, we will use the currently stored commercial used nuclear fuel as fuel for the new generation of molten salt reactors, reducing the costly inventory of used spent fuel in the US.. Producing electricity this way  results in a very small relative amount of nuclear residual products which will only require secure storage for hundreds of years , not hundreds of thousands of years.







From: https://www.thenewamerican.com